Duty Assigned to Professor and Staffs

  1. Administrative Officer:- Dr. Prashant Singh Chauhan.
  2. Prof. In-charge (Biometric & Leave):- Dr. Prashant Singh Chauhan.
  3. Registrar:- Prof. Mrinal Ranjan.
  4. Assistant Registrar:-Prof. Manoj Kumar.
  5. Academic In-charge:- Prof. Santosh Kumar.
  6. Admission In-charge: Prof. Ranjeet Kumar Choudhary.
  7. Examination Controller:- Prof. Ashish Ranjan.
  8. Assistant Examination Controller:- Prof. Md. Aslam
  9. AICTE Coordinator:- Prof. Aknan.
  10. Time Table In-charge:-Prof. Hrishikesh.
  11. Academic Calendar In-charge: Prof. Amol Bute.
  12. Campus In-charge(Security): Prof. Md. Aslam.
  13. In-charge(Guardening):- Prof. Jeetendra Kumar.
  14. In-charge (Cleaning):- Prof. Rajeev Kumar.
  15. Electrical & Plumbing Maintenance:- Prof. Sanjeev Ranjan.
  16. Prof. In-charge (Sports):- Prof. Mritunjay
  17. Prof. In-charge (Cultural Activities):-Dr. Santosh Agrawal.
  18. Prof. In-charge (Store):- Prof. Raushan Ranjan.
  19. Assistant College Store:- Sri Niranjan Kumar.
  20. Assistant TEQIP Store:- Sri Bipin Kumar.
  21. Prof. In-charge(NPTEL & SWAYAM PRABHA):- Prof. Prabhakar.
  22. Prof. In-charge(Transport):- Prof. Yogendra Kumar.
  23. Prof. In-charge(Internet):- Prof. Ritesh Kumar.
  24. Prof. In-charge(Official Mail & WhatsApp):- Prof. Alok Kumar.
  25. Head Librarian:- Prof. Suryakant.
  26. Prof. In-charge(Library Management System):- Prof. Dhruba Jyoti Kalita.
  27. Prof. In-charge(RTI):- Prof. Manoj Kumar.
  28. Website Coordinator:- Prof. Dhruba Jyoti Kalita.
  29. Environment Coordinator:- Md. Saeb Sufyan.
  30. EAP Coordinator:- Dr. Deepak Kumar Ambast.
  31. Prof. In-charge(Medical officer):- Prof. Prabhat Kumar Chandra.
  32. NBA Coordinator:- Prof. Santosh Kumar